WP2 Enno
KB, Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed (NDE)
Linked Data; Metadata; Digitaal Heritage; NL-DBpedia
Involved in the development of digital library services at KB, participating in the development of the NDE infrastructure (WP2 ‘Bruikbaar’), focused on identifying possibilities for cooperation between  NDE and CLARIAH.
WP2, WP6 katrien depuydt
Institute for the Dutch Language (ivdNt)
Historical linguistics; lexicography; corpus linguistics; semantics

I am a senior researcher at the Institute for Dutch Lexicology, soon to become Institute for the Dutch Language. I have worked on two major historical dictionaries and have led several projects on corpus building, computational lexica, tools for lexicon building and retrieval systems for corpora and dictionaries.

I have been involved in several European and national projects, leading work packages on lexicon development. In CLARIAH wp2, I am responsible for the development of the Diachronic Semantic Lexicon of Dutch (Diachroon Semantisch Lexicon van de Nederlandse Taal (DiaMaNT).

WP2 jauco noordzij
WP2 Themistoklis 
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Identification; authentication;authorization; content delivery

Themistoklis is Scientific Software Engineer and Project Assistant in the LABS team in the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV). He holds a BSc. in Computer Science and a MSc. in Information Science.

In CLARIAH he is the chief investigator for user security / ID management (IAA).
WP2 daan broeder
Meertens Instituut

Ontwikkelaar ICT