WP3 Antal vd BoschK
Centre for Language Studies, Radboud Universiteit
Language and speech technology; digital humanities; text mining

I am one of the technology track leaders of WP3 and team leader of the CLARIAH team at Radboud University, Nijmegen. I am professor of Language and Speech Technology and Research Director at the Centre for Language Studies at Radboud University. In my research I develop machine learning and language technology. Most of my work involves the intersection of the two fields: computers that learn to understand and generate natural language. Specific interests include memory-based learning, language modelling, the relation between written and spoken language, text mining, the Dutch language, computational humanities, and cultural heritage.

Aside from my activities in CLARIAH, I participate in the NWO research infrastructure project Nederlab (https://www.nederlab.nl/), the NWO ‘gravity’ project Language in Interaction (https://www.languageininteraction.nl/), the H2020 projects FutureTDM (http://www.futuretdm.eu/) and TraMOOC (http://tramooc.eu/), the NWO Creative Industry project Discosumo (http://discosumo.ruhosting.nl/), and several other research projects - see my personal webpage for more information.

WP3 henk vd heuvel
CLST, Radboud Universiteit
Language and speech resources; speech technology

Together with Nelleke Oostdijk I work in WP3 on data curation, metadata collection records and data management plans
WP2 nicoline van der sijs
Meertens Instituut, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Historical linguistics; DH-education

Head of Science of Nederlab and involved in the CLARIAH Education Tour.

WP3 peter kleiweg
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
programming; Linux; Go
I'm an IT developer at the University of Groningen, where I write software used in language research.
For Clariah, I work with Gertjan van Noord on the treebank and corpus search application PaQu.
WP3 GertjanVanNoord
University of Groningen
computational linguistics;search in treebanks;parsing
I am professor in language technology at the University of Groningen. I have worked on machine translation, bidirectional language processing, spoken dialogue systems, robust and wide coverage parsing of Dutch (Alpino), finite-state language processing, construction of large Dutch treebanks, generation and summarization. For Clariah, I work with Peter Kleiweg on the treebank and corpus search application PaQu.