WP4 rick mourits 
Utrecht University
historical demography, longevity, social inequality, religion, quantitative research methods
I'm a postdoc/data analyst at CLARIAH. WP4 in CLARIAH aims to reconstruct the entire Dutch population between 1812 and 1967. In recent years the majority of civil status records have been digitized. The next step is to reconstruct the lives and family structures of all individuals who lived in the Netherlands between 1811 and 1967 in a new database: LINKS-Nederland.  
WP4 albert merono penuela
VU University Amsterdam, International Institute of Social History
Linked Data; Digital Humanities; Artificial Intelligence

Albert Meroño is a postdoc at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the International Institute of Social History (IISG). He is currently working in WP4 of CLARIAH, which aims at facilitating the integration of socio-historical datasets using Web technology. Albert obtained his PhD in 2016 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, under the supervision of Frank van Harmelen, Stefan Schlobach, and Andrea Scharnhorst. He also holds a bachelor in Informatics Engineering from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (FIB-UPC), and has previously worked at the Insitute of Law and Technology (IDT-UAB) developing models for Law using Semantic Web technology. His research interests include Linked Open Data, Government and Statistical data, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Humanities.

WP4 auke rijpma
Utrecht University

I am a post-doctoral researcher and assistant professor in economic and social history. My research interests include quantitative methods, the measurement of wellbeing, public services, and the link between family organisation and economic development.

My PhD thesis is on the provision of public services in the late-medieval period. You can find it here. This working paper and this forthcoming EHR article give an overview of this line of work.
I'm also doing post-doctoral research in the Agency Project. Specifically, I'm working on global datasets on family systems, historical wellbeing measurement, and the historical determinants of gender equality.
I am also involved in the Clariah-project.
WP2, WP4 richard zijdeman
International Institute of Social History / University of Stirling
social mobility; occupational structures; female labour force participation;
multilevel modelling; HISCO
WP-4: project lead and board member, expertise in occupational coding and multilevel modelling
WP-2: structured data expert, creating historical accurate border files on national level (world) and municipality level (Netherlands)