The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Data processing; linked open data; Jupyter notebooks
Mari Wigham <>
Mari Wigham is a software developer at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, working on innovative ways of helping scientific researchers to work with the archive. She studied electronic engineering, and has spent her career working in applied research institutes, on projects ranging from virtual avatars to make television accessible to deaf people, to personalised food advice for helping people make healthier choices. Her current work at Sound and Vision and CLARIAH combines her experience in the media with her knowledge of semantic technology, to unlock media archives for researchers and provide them with new insights from the data.
  WP5 Martijn vd Donk
  Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  Cloud infrastructure, DevOps

For CLARIAH WP5 I am part of the team that sets up the audiovisual infrastructure at NISV. With a background in DevOps, Cloud Engineering and digital infrastructure I’m focusing on the creating and developing could-based solutions to support data and processes within a robust infrastructure.

WP5 Nanne van Noord
University of Amsterdam; Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Computer vision; Digital humanities; Machine learning
Within CLARIAH WP5 I work on increasing the accessibility and discoverability of audiovisual material by applying and developing computer vision algorithms.
WP5 clariah
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Software development, ELAN, Annotatie 
As a software developer I'm involved in the maintenance and further development of the audio/video annotation tool ELAN. 
In CLARIAH-PLUS we will be working on some level of interaction between Media Suite and ELAN, data exchange between those two tools and modularization of the ELAN code base.
WP5  clariah
CLARIAH, Utrecht University
Audiovisual archives; film and media studies; digital methods, heritage and humanities

Christian Olesen is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Utrecht University’s Department of Media and Culture. He holds a PhD degree in Media Studies (University of Amsterdam, 2017, cum laude) and has expertise in the areas of digital scholarship and methods in film and media studies, film historiography and access and reuse of (digitized) audiovisual archives for various user groups.

Within CLARIAH WP5 he is responsible for developing digital teaching and training materials for Dutch media studies curricula, based on the tools and collections available in the CLARIAH Media Suite.