Jaap Blom

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Beeld & Geluid
speech recognition; video concept recognition; semantic web; crowd sourcing; video annotation
Active in the cultural heritage sector, working on R&D projects related to innovations concerning the leveraging of (digitized) archival-, museum- and library collections by 1) building (web) applications (and/or mock-ups & prototypes) and 2) investigating & evaluating the benefits & experiences of end-users in this field (general public, researchers, media professionals).

Specialties/enjoying: Software engineering, user requirements, functional design, prototyping, user interaction design, (European) R&D projects, Scrum, Prince 2, archival R&D, Internet archiving, Semantic web, Web services, (REST) APIs, usability evaluation, Java, Struts, JSP, Python, PHP, Smarty PHP, Bash, Perl, HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, Angularjs, Backbone.js, RequireJS, Apache, Tomcat, Django, Node.js, Elasticsearch, SOLR, OWLIM/Sesame, Virtuoso, SERQL, SPARQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Wordpress, Mac OSX, Linux, Windows, Git, SVN