Dutch Ships and Sailors Linked Data

We present the Dutch Ships and Sailors Linked Data Cloud.
This heterogeneous dataset brings together four curated datasets on Dutch Maritime history as ve-star linked data. The individual datasets use separate datamodels, designed in close collaboration with maritime historical researchers. The individual models are mapped to a common interoperability layer, allowing for analysis of the data on the general level. We present the datasets, modeling decisions, internal links and links to external data sources. We show ways of accessing the data and present a number of examples of how the dataset can be used for historical research. The Dutch Ships and Sailors Linked Data Cloud is a potential hub dataset for digital history research and a prime example of the bene ts of Linked Data for this field.


PDF Dutch Ships and Sailors Linked Data
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group41 Victor de Boer, Matthias van Rossum, Jurjen Leinenga and Rik Hoekstra
keywords Digital History, Maritime Data, Heterogeneous Data Cloud