Integrating Diachronous Conceptual Lexicons through Linked Open Data


Diachronous conceptual lexicons and thesauri describe historical language use through time and provide historians with invaluable insights into the past. As more and more research is done in the area of the automatic processing of historical texts, the need for machine-readable historical lexicons and ontologies is growing. Up till now these lexical resources were not available in digital format, but for this project volunteers have made transcripƟons of the printed books. However, the result is in text format, and information and ontologies vary for each resource which hampers simultaneous access to the information contained in them.
In CLARIAH WP3, we are working on integrating and enriching several historical conceptual lexicons using linked open data principles The data are modelled according to the LMF and Lemon standards that are specifically tailored to represent lexical and ontological data. The model provides possibilities to take care of the lack of standardized orthography, and to model notionsof time, duration and place as properties of word usages thus enabling the heterogeneous resources to interoperate


PDF Integrating Diachronous Conceptual Lexicons through Linked Open Data.
iconwww DHBenelux 2016. Belval, Luxemburg, 9-10 June 2016.
group41 Isa Maks, Marieke van Erp, Piek Vossen, Rinke Hoekstra, Nicoline van der Sijs