On thursday 25 February there is a virtual "CLARIAH Interest Groups en de Techday meeting" (13:00 - 15:00)  

with two presentations:


Zoom Meeting:  https://knaw-nl.zoom.us/j/97187555262

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Techday presentation: Vocabulary recommender for humanities



Here is the lunch lecture by Ruben Schalk:


and here is the lecture as a recorded video.

CLARIAH launched a call for Research and Teaching Fellows on January 31, 2021.
Two kinds of fellowship are distinguished: 

  1. Research Fellowships
  2. Teaching Fellowships.

In a Research Fellowship, a researcher (the CLARIAH Research Fellow) carries out a small research project based on an explicitly formulated research question by using data and/or software  that are already part of the CLARIAH infrastructure. 

In a Teaching Fellowship, a lecturer at a Dutch university (the CLARIAH Teaching Fellow) uses data and/or software that are part of the CLARIAH infrastructure in a BA, MA or RMA course for an explicitly identified category of students (e.g. defined in terms of presupposed background knowledge). 

The call refers to an overview of the data and tools that qualify and is accompanied by introductory texts on these data and tools.

Full text can be seen here.


In the academic year 2020-2021, the CLARIAH Media Suite team offers a webinar series that introduces participants to working with the audiovisual collections, tools and methods made available in and facilitated by the new version 5 of the Media Suite.

Each webinar starts with a theoretical introduction followed by a hands-on session. We start the series with an introductory session on the basic functionalities of the Media Suite, followed by four sessions focussing on more advanced uses of its tools; from searching and bookmarking collections, to qualitative analysis using video and audio annotation, and data analysis and mining of media content.

About the Media Suite

The Media Suite (https://mediasuite.clariah.nl) is an online research environment for audio-visual collections and media studies research developed within the NWO-funded CLARIAH project. Using their university login credentials, scholars and students in the Netherlands can access key Dutch audio-visual and paper collections, via the Media Suite. Among the collections included are the entire radio and television
collection of The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV), the Jean Desmet collection of the Eye Filmmuseum and more than 60 oral history collections from DANS. The Media Suite makes datasets and data enrichments of these collections available that can be explored in the infrastructure with custom-built tools for searching, analyzing, inspecting and comparing datasets. For instance, researchers may search public service broadcast collections using the automatically generated speech transcripts (ASR) of spoken words, or browse the results of optical character recognition (OCR) applied to the Jean Desmet collection’s paper documents.


For registration seee: https://www.rmes.nl/media-suite-webinar-series-2020-2021/

The 2-hours Webinars will be hold from 15:00 till 17:00 and the language is English.


28 October Introduction to the Media Suite version 5 - Searching collections, bookmarking items and creating a user project
16 December Video annotation of film and broadcast Collections in the Media Suite
17 February Cross-media corpus building and Oral History research in the Media Suite
21 April Mining viewing and listening rates
16 juni Analyzing Automatic Speech Recognition results of broadcast collections

Last week the SORSE Team, launched SORSE (a Series of Online Research Software Eventspronounced ‘source’)We’re excited to bring you our international answer to the COVID-19-induced cancellation of many national RSE conferences.

To keep us all connected, collaborating and learning until the 2021 RSE Conferences, a wonderful group of volunteers has created this new series that aims to deliver a weekly event, either a talk, a workshop, a panel, a poster session, a software demo etc from the community. This is an open call to all RSEs and anyone involved with research software, worldwide, to submit an abstract.

The call will be open continuously with rolling deadlines. The first deadline is soon on the 12th July and then again on the 31st July, followed by the end of each month after that. Apply at any time and you'll be included in the next review.

Have an idea and want to collaborate on it? - Go to the Topic Bazaar - The topic bazaar is a place to encourage and create collaborations that can then be presented in a variety of formats within the series.

Want to have a say on the conference content? Go to the Wishlistand tell us what events and guest speakers you'd like to see.

More detailed information

Best wishes,

The SORSE Team