2 PhD positions Computational Linguistics in Leiden

The Faculty of Humanities and the Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities (LUCDH) are looking for a:

Project description

Candidates should have relevant domain expertise and will be trained in data scientific methods. You will carry out research at the Faculty of Humanities and the Leiden Centre Data Science, with intensive interaction with other PhD candidates through joint research and participation in training modules, workshops, and summer schools. Each PhD student will be jobssupervised by a domain expert from the Humanities Faculty and a data scientist.

Project 1

Exploring new methods in comparing sign language corpora: analysing cross-linguistic variation in the lexicon (dr. Victoria Nyst).
The candidate should have an MA in corpus and/or computational linguistics, with emphasis on collection and organization of lexical databases;
Familiarity with Python and Java (and Django) will be an asset, as well as familiarity with automated image analysis;
A basic command of a sign language or the willingness to acquire this is requested;
As some of the corpora are annotated in French, a basic knowledge of French is helpful.

Project 2

Detecting cross-linguistic Syntactic Differences Automatically (DeSDA) (prof. Sjef Barbiers).
The candidate should have an MA in computational linguistics, artificial intelligence or equivalent, with affinity to the research field of comparative syntax of natural language;

You should have familiarity with POS-tagging, parsing and data mining tools and be able to adapt these to the needs of the project, using programming languages, software packages and standards such as Java, C++, XML, PHP, Python, R, SQL and RDF.