Call for CLARIN workshop proposals - 2017

Clarin EricFor participants in the CLARIN consortia for the second time a budget of € 90.000 is available for workshops to be organized by representatives of the national consortia. Funding for two types of workshops can be requested:

  • Workshop type I:
    addressing a topic that is in line with one or more of the strategic priorities of CLARIN 
  • Workshop type II:
    meant to prepare a work plan for a development project of up to three person months, again contributing to one or more of the strategic priorities of CLARIN.

See link for an overview of the strategic priorities of CLARIN.

The funding procedure is designed to be as flexible as possible, and much is therefore left to the imagination and initiative of proposers and to the discretion and judgment of the assessment panel. (This type of procedure is relatively new; it will be monitored to identify possibilities for fine-tuning.)

On the availability of sufficient funding for a next call of this kind, nothing can be guaranteed at this point in time (November 2016).  Apart from the availability of funding, any future call will also be dependent of the outcome of an assessment of the results and added value of the first round of workshops granted.

As we aim for a balance between funding type I and type II proposals, we anticipate to fund only one type II proposal under this call.  If at 1 April 2017 there would still be budget available for more than four type I proposals, it will be possible to select one more Type II proposal for funding.


The full text can be found here.