CLARIAH's triple store reached it's first 1 billion triples

tripleToday the triple store of Clariah's Work Package 4 (WP-4) 'Structured Data' has reached it's first 1 billion triples.

A triple is a statement on a piece of data (e.g. a year, a source, a characteristic) that enhances the connectability of, in the case of WP-4, economic and social historical datasets. Currently the WP-4 triple store hosts various existing datasets, such as provided by the North Atlantic Population Project and DBpedia, as well as various smaller datasets from historians that WP-4 cooperates with.
While the 1st billion triples is a nice milestone, it especially reflects the work that has been done to host a stable and efficient triple store, as well as to build a pipeline to transpose data into RDF.

Along with the billionth triple, comes the news that two papers on the key elements in the WP-4 pipeline, QBer (“Cuber”) and grlc (“Garlic”), were respectively accepted at the 1st Workshop on Humanities in the Semantic Web (WHiSE) Services and Applications (SALAD) Workshop later this year.