CLARIAH Tech Day March 29th 2018

Gertjan FilarskiAs the last Tech Day in October 2017 was quite successful, the board decided on organising an extra Tech Day on March 29th, 2018 between 10:30 and 17:00 at IISH in Amsterdam. Like last time, this event has all the characteristics of an unconference combined with a hackathon, you will decide what we will happen - and you'll get the opportunity to build it or work with it.  We'll have a round of presentations on each session at 16:00 followed by drinks.

Since a little structure in advance always helps, I have kept an inventory of ideas and people over the last month. The following subjects have been suggested. But of course feel free to add new ideas in the comments below, or speak out on the event itself.

Relationship with NDE

Although there are many personal and institutional relationships between CLARIAH partners and NDE, a more structural approach could be beneficial to both infrastructures. After discussions with Enno Meijers (KB) we will invite Sjors de Valk to show the High Level Design of NDE and discuss the potential overlap and interaction with the CLARIAH infrastructure.


Marnix van Berchum and Jauco Noordzij (Huygens ING) will organise a hands-on session with ANANSI.


During the last dbpedia meeting we explored the possibility of adding the dbpedia community to the CLARIAH Tech Day. I have passed this by the board and they were very enthusiastic. We will invite the DBpedia community to explore with us the possible the connections between CLARIAH and DBpedia.

CLARIAH Security Service

Roeland Ordelman and Jaap Blom (B&G) will organise a hands-on with the CLARIAH security solution and how to integrate the authentication and authorisation service into your own software.

I will keep hunting for other subjects: given enough interest we might be able to organise a session with the LCRDM on FAIR APIs, a hands-on session with OpenSKOS, other suggestions are more than welcome!


icoonpdf The final program can be downloaded here.


Cheers! GJ