CLARIAH - WP5 active at DH2016

WP5Two papers written by members of the CLARIAH media studies track have been selected for presentation at the DH2016 conference in Krakow, as part of the workshop organized by the Special Interest Group AudioVisual Data in Digital Humanities (SIG AVinDH).

The workshop, entitled “Audiovisual Data And Digital Scholarship: Towards Multimodal Literacy” will focus on the challenges of analyzing and using audiovisual data in the context of digital humanities scholarship. It is a follow-up to the first edition of the workshop, held at the 2014 DH Conference in Lausanne, when the SIG AVinDH was launched.

Jasmijn Van Gorp and Rosita Kiewik (Utrecht University) will present their paper entitled “What’s Not in the Archive: Teaching Television History in the ‘Digital Humanities’ Era” . They will discuss their newly developed teaching models for the CLARIAH tools and the EUscreen portal. The teaching models are specifically designed to enhance critical reflection on accessibility of audiovisual archives and digital tool criticism.

The other accepted contribution, entitled “A conceptual model for the annotation of audiovisual heritage in a media studies context,” authored by Liliana Melgar (University of Amsterdam), and Jaap Blom, Eva Baaren, Marijn Koolen, and Roeland Ordelman (The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision), presents a conceptual model of the dimensions involved in the annotation interactions that take place during the different research phases carried on by media scholars during their investigations.


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