CLARIN Annual Conference 2018 papers published

logo enThe Open Access and freely downloadable "Selected papers from the CLARIN Annual Conference 2018” have been published online at Linköping University Electronic Press .

It contains four contributions from the Netherlands:

Title Authors
Discovering software resources in CLARIN Jan Odijk
Media Suite: Unlocking Archives for Mixed Media Scholarly Research Roeland Ordelman, Liliana Melgar, Carlos Martinez-Ortiz, Julia Noordegraaf and Jaap Blom
Operationalizing “public debates" across digitized heterogeneous mass media datasets in the development and use of the Media Suite Berrie van der Molen, Jasmijn van Gorp and Toine Pieters
LaMachine: A meta-distribution for NLP software Maarten van Gompel and Iris Hendrickx
The complete publication can be downloaded but the individual articles can be downloaded separately as well (see links in the table above).