CLARIN workshop on usability and guided tours testing

clarin logoSTCLARIN ERIC is working on a usability testing of the CLARIN website and guided tours in the CLARIN Plus project.

Perhaps you, as a CLARIAH-involved scholar, would like to contribute? In case you are engaged in usability testing, usability scaling and contributing to the better presentation of CLARIN advantages to the users both locally and globally, we are interested to get in contact with you.

In particular, if you have any thoughts, feedback from users or materials to share or to discuss, we will be glad to receive them.

We would also like to invite you to a workshop on usability and guided tours testing. The workshop is going to be held in conjunction with the CLARIN Annual Conference 2016 in Aix-en-Provence, France.
The topics covered at the workshop are going to be:  

  • testing and giving feedback to the guided tours (i.e., for the Virtual Langugage Observatory, Federated Content Search and CLARIN usage showcases)
  • feedback to the implementation of user interface guidelines.

Again, we are also here open to your contributions and proposals.

If you think you can contribute, please contact Kadri Vare at the Centre of Estonian Language Resources, .
Best regards,
CELR team