Data-Driven Musicology: Exploring Digital Resources Using Computational Tools and Methods

A colloquium held at: DANS (Netherlands institute for permanent access to digital research resources)

Anna van Saksenlaan 51, Den Haag

January 23, 2018


Until recently, research addressing questions about culture and identity have depended on musicologists’ abilities to identify potentially relevant pieces of information in archives, libraries and private collections. Because such research is extremely time-consuming, up to now it has hardly been possible to look at larger datasets or to test alternative analyses.

The Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (CLARIAH) project  which came into force in 2014, aims to offer humanities scholars a ‘Common Lab’ that provides access to large collections of digital resources and innovative user–friendly processing tools, thus enabling them to carry out ground-breaking, interdisciplinary research on a large scale.

At this colloquium, interdisciplinary musicologists, all in one way or another performing computational analysis on (digitised) musicological data, will present their research. They will show that the use of digital technologies can bring about new, otherwise unforeseeable connections and research results. Insights into the tools of the Common Lab Research Infrastructure, furthermore, will give participants an understanding of how they can approach digital musicological resources. After the colloquium, participants will have the opportunity to engage in an informal discussion with the speakers and organizers during a small drinks reception. 


15:00 Welcome
15:05 Reinier de Valk (information scientist, DANS): “Connecting MIR research and digital music archives: Challenges and opportunities”
15:35 Anna Kent-Muller (PhD student, University of Southampton, UK): “Big Musicology: A framework for transformation”
16:05 Break
16:15 Peter van Kranenburg (computational musicologist, Meertens Instituut): “Corpus analysis for medieval chant traditions” (with Geert Maessen, singer and director, Gregoriana Amsterdam)
16:45 Discussion panel
17:00 Drinks reception


If you would like to attend the colloquium, please send an email to: mailto: