Granted Pilot Research Projects


In the CLARIAH-board meeting of February 22, 2017 16 Pilot Research Projects were approved. Most projects will give a brief presentation about their project at the next CLARIAH-Toogdag on 10 March. The number of very good proposals was higher than could be financially honored, so unfortunately a number of good proposals had to be dropped.

Board of CLARIAH

2TBI 2wards a Transnational Biographical Infrastructure Nico Randeraad MU oth
ACAD Automatic Coherence Analysis of Dutch Wilbert Spooren RUN ling
CoDoSiS Combining Data on slavery in Surinam Cornelis Willem van Galen RUN seh
CrossEWT Cross-Medial Analysis of WW2 Eyewitness Testimonies Susan Hogervorst OU & EUR mst
DB:CCC Diamonds in Borneo: Commodities as Concepts in Context Karin Hofmeester IISH seh
DReAM (Debate Research Across Media) Cross media research of public debates on drugs and regulation Toine Pieters UU mst
HHuCap The History of Human Capital Richard Zijdeman IISH seh
HUMIGEC Human capital, immigration and the early modern Dutch economy: job mobility of native and immigrant Jelle van Lottum HI seh
LinkSyr Linking Syriac Data Wido van Peursen VU ling
M&M Me and Myself: Tracing first person in documentary history in AV-collections Susan Aasman RUG mst
MIMEHIST Annotating EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection: Towards Mixed Media Analysis in Digital Media History Christian Olesen UvA mst
NAMES Dutch corpus of person name variants Gerrit Bloothooft UU ling
NarDis Narrativizing Disruption: How exploratory search can support media researchers to interpret ‘disrupt' Sabrina Sauer VU mst
OpenGazAm Linked Open Data Gazetteers of the Americas Rombert Stapel IISH seh
ReSpoNs Remediation in Sports News Marcel Broersma RUG mst
SERPENS Contextual search and analysis of pest and nuisance species through time in the KB newspaper collect Rob Lenders RUN oth