Interoperability of L2 Resources and Tools


Dear members of the CLARIAH community, 

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In December 2017 we had a CLARIN-workshop in Gothenburg on the topic of Second Language (L2) learner corpora, and more precisely on the interoperability of L2 resources and tools:

As a result of the workshop we are putting together a survey of L2 learner corpora that have been developed and/or are maintained within CLARIN, as well as the ones outside CLARIN (however, with a focus on the corpora within the CLARIN infrastructure). 

Could you please have a look at the list that we have put together here:

We need your help to make sure that we have not missed any corpora. We would also like to know if there are any corpora in the pipeline that we might not yet have heard of. Please add at the bottom of the list and mark as NEW / PIPELINE in the CLARIN column.

At the beginning of the list there is a column where you can say whether something is a CLARIN corpus or not (YES/ NO) and next to that you can write a comment if you want to, including if something is in the pipeline. 

Deadline for filling out the form is 31st JANUARY 2018. Otherwise we cannot include the information in the report.

Best wishes,

Therese Lindström Tiedemann (Helsinki) and Elena Volodina (Gothenburg)