Using Open Datasets for research purposes

Erasmus Studio lunch lecture

  Using Open Datasets for research purposes: The Talk of Europe Project
Date Tuesday 20 January 2015

Location EUR, Campus Woudestein, Room C2-3

Time 12:15-13:30
Attendance open to anyone interested, but please announce your attendance via a reply to with the subject: lunch 20 January (If you wish us to count you in for the catering your mail should be in by Tuesday 20 January, 10:00)
Lecturers Dr. Laura Hollink (VU) and Dr. Martijn Kleppe (EUR)


  • What kind of topics are discussed in the European Parliament?
  • How do Members of the European Parliament vote?
  • How are debates covered in the media?

Three example research questions that can be answered when you have the availability of several datasets including the proceedings of the European Parliament (EP). The Talk of Europe – Travelling CLARIN Campus (ToE) has made these proceeding available as Linked Data for reuse and research purposes. They contain the debates in the EP from July 1999 onwards, including all available translations in 22 languages. The project aims to facilitate and stimulate pan-European collaboration in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Computer Science, based on the proceedings of the European Parliament (EP) by organising three international creative camps. These proceedings are a rich source for humanities and social sciences researchers that focus on areas such as European History, integration and politics. The creative camp intends to stimulate and explore this source by bringing together academics from the humanities, social sciences, computer science and related disciplines.

The first creative camp took place in November in Hilversum. The second camp will take place in March in Amsterdam and currently the Call for Participation is open. The ToE project builds upon the award-winning project PoliMedia in which the Dutch parliamentary debates were linked to Dutch newspaper and radio archives. We were able, for example, to discover the topic in post-war parliamentary debates in the Netherlands that received most press coverage: the Indonesian war of independence, or the “Indonesische Kwestie”. ToE is a collaboration of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, KNAW Institute DANS & the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and is funded by NWO.

During the Erasmus Studio Lunch seminar of 20 January, dr. Laura Hollink (VU) & dr. Martijn Kleppe (EUR) will discuss the opportunities for researchers to work with open datasets such as the proceedings of the European Parliament by showing the results of the first creative camps and by discussing their plans for the future.

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