What’s on the map? CLARIAH-Benelux workshop

 Date/Time  11-06-2019
Whole day
 Location  De Krook City Library
Miriam Makebaplein 1 - Gent

Researchers and developers within the Benelux have been building up expertise on geospatial technology within deep mapping and Time Machine projects. The Geohumanities rely on fast developing spatial technologies, semantic web technology and Linked open Data and at the same time explore collaborative en participatory research methods. In this first CLARIAH-Benelux meeting we bring together developers, researchers and coordinators to exchange ideas and experiences of our geospatial projects. How can we collaborate in future development and research?

See the workshop website for more information and free registration.


June 10th

Workshop dinner @ Ghent

June 11th

Inspirational talk on Deep mapping by Ian Gregory (ULancaster)
"Deep mapping texts of the English Lake District"

Line-up of local Time Machines and deep mapping projects: ambitions and challenges, Q&A


Inspirational talk by Rainer Simon (Digital Insight Lab at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)
"Places, Traces, Annotations (and where to find them in a time machine"

Break out questions

  • Which tools and libraries do we need to create and use linked data?
  • How do we use spatio-temporal ontologies?
  • Is GIS-software the right tool for deep mapping?
  • Can we put people in pipelines? How to integrate public participation in infrastructural and research design?
  • How can we use time machines in comparative research?
  •  ...