The project Trove is a search engine built by scientists from the digital humanities allowing to analyze the dissemination of information in various media over time. This allows the specific roles of the various media and their interrelationships and mutual influence to be examined together. Trove this will not only identify the key players, but also an analysis of the roles they play in discursive constructions. It will eventually be able to show how the media operates and are connected in the building of information and thus the influence of the media on the public debate.


Trove facilitates research

  • The user interface is tailored to the needs of scientists from the digital humanities, especially the support of exploratory research, contextualization and monitoring.
  • It houses many collections in a tool and allows comparisons at a glance.
  • It provides insight into how media over hours, days, weeks post on a certain topic.
  • It enables monitoring and tracking the distribution and interaction of news.
  • Creates a better understanding in the way of how reach and impact can be measured and can be used by media scientists:
  • To do research for further automation: f.e. how keywords and Twitter accounts can stay up-to-date without manual updates.
  • Testing possible with large amounts of data;
  • To test and evaluate the tool extensively in the various domains of the humanities.

Key features

  • Search through different sources of information: persons, places, events;
  • Coverage of an event through various media over time, including time-based media (television broadcasts);
  • Identifying and visualization of different actors (politicians, organizations, journalists) who have contributed to the debate;
  • Measuring the reach of various media (audience rates, twitter followers).


Currently the demonstrator is deployed on a server at the University of Amsterdam. Unfortunately it is not accessible without an access code.
To get an idea of the output below are some screenshots.



Screenshot 1:

Two queries created with keywords and facets displayed in a combined chart in which the amount of publications is displayed, with statistics about persons recognized by Wikipedia.

Trove Screenshot

Screenshot 2:

The two queries displayed in separate chart in which the amount of publications is displayed, with statistics about organizations recognized by Wikipedia.

Trove Screenshots

Screenshot 3:

After zooming in on the chart, individual documents become visible.
Trove Screenshot

Screenshot 4:

Details of a clicked document are shown in the popup window.