The CLARIAH Call for Research Pilots states:

"A CLARIAH research pilot is a small project in which the CLARIAH infrastructure or particular components of it are tested by carrying out small research activities."

About CLARIAH Components" it states that these includes "generic infrastructure services, data such as databases, textual resources and audio-visual resources, and software applications and services that can be applied to these data for searching, analysis, enrichment, conversion, combining, visualization and other purposes."

This page provides a (non-exhaustive) list of such CLARIAH components. It is intended as an aid to researchers who want to make a proposal. If a component is mentioned on this page, one can be sure it falls in the scope of the call. Components not mentioned on this page are not excluded, but then the researcher has to make clear what the relevance of the component is for CLARIAH.

The componens are listed in relation to the CLARIAH Work Packages (WP2 through WP5), and to a category "Other".

For each component a contact person is mentioned.