the Humanities World Report

As promised to some of the CLARIAH-community, I have forwarded the link to the Humanities World Report which was published recently.
The PDF (200 pages) is freely available from this link

About the report

The report was written by prof. Poul Holm, prof. Arne Jarrick and prof. Dominic Scott. The work was funded by the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO Humanities).

This 'Report' gives an overview of the humanities worldwide. Published as an Open Access title and based on an extensive literature review and enlightening interviews conducted with 90 humanities scholars across 40 countries, the book offers a first step in attempting to assess the state of the humanities globally. Its topics include the nature and value of the humanities, the challenge of globalisation, the opportunities offered by the digital humanities, variations in funding patterns around the world, and the interaction between humanities and society. Despite the stereotypical view of humanists as scholars locked away in their ivory towers, the picture that emerges from this report is that they are deeply committed to the social value of their work and appreciate the long-term importance it has for addressing global challenges. The report will be of interest not only to researchers and students in the humanities themselves, but also to administrators and funders.

Best wishes,
Alice Dijkstra