WP1 Inge van Ruiten
Huygens ING

Inge van Ruiten studeerde Geschiedenis aan de Universiteit Leiden en behaalde haar masterdiploma voor de opleiding Maritime History in 2018. Sinds februari 2019 werkt ze als management assistent voor het CLARIAH-bureau, nadat ze eerder als redactie-assistent voor het tijdschrift BMGN-LCHR en als student-assistent bij het IISG voor het project Historische Steekproef Nederland (HSN) heeft gewerkt.

WP1 Arjan
CLARIAH, University of Twente, Telecats
Speech technology; user involvement; HLT; PR
I have a background of Language and Speech technology and I’m still working as a researcher of HLT at the University of Twente. Moreover, I’m “head of Imagination” at Telecats: an Enschede based software company wotking in applied Speech Technology.

In the CLARIAH-programme I’m working on different issues such as:

  • the dissemination of the idea of an infrastructure for the humanities
  • how to get more actual users of this infrastructure
  • how to get to know what those users actually want
  • showing the world that the infrastructure is working
WP1, WP3 Jan Odijk
UiL-OTS, Utrecht University
Language technology; Linguistics; management;  IPR; research pilots
Prof.Dr. Jan Odijk is full professor of language and speech technology at UIL-OTS (University of Utrecht) since 2001. He has a background in theoretical and computational linguistics and got his PhD at the University of Tilburg in 1993. He worked as an employee of the University of Utrecht on theoretical syntax (1982-1985), and on machine translation in the Rosetta project at Philips Research Labs (1985-1988). From 1988-1992 he continued his research into machine translation as an employee of Philips, and later focused on language and speech interfaces (1992-1997) at IPO, Eindhoven and the Philips Research Labs.
Since 1997 he worked at Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products (in Ieper, Belgium) as Senior Director Linguistic Resources, and continued this position in L&H’s successors ScanSoft and Nuance until 2008. He has been involved in a wide range of national and European projects related to language resources,. He was member of the Spoken Dutch Corpus (CGN) and IMIX steering committees. He was board member of ELRA from 2000-2006, chaired the programme committee of the Dutch/Flemish language and speech technology programme STEVIN, participated in the EU project META-NET, is the Netherlands National Anchor Point for the META network, was programme director of CLARIN-NL (2009-2015) and CLARIAH-SEED (2013-2014), and is CLARIAH-CORE director since 2015.
WP1 Lex Heerma van Voss
CLARIAH, Utrecht University, Huygens-ING
20th Century Social History of the Netherlands; Economic contacts in the North Sea Region in the Early Modern Period; History of Global Professions
Professor Lex Heerma van Voss studied History at Utrecht University and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He gained his Ph.D. cum laude at Utrecht University with a thesis on the eight hour working day in the Netherlands. He was a senior research fellow at the International Institute of Social History (IISH) from 1994 until 2011. In 2010-11 he also was scientific director of Instituut Gak. Since 2000 he holds a professorship at Utrecht University, originally in the history of Labour Relations, from 2014 in the History of Social Security. In 2011-12 he headed Huygens ING’s department of Political and Institutional History.