Jasmijn van Gorp

WP5 jasmijn van gorp
Utrecht University
Audiovisual Data; Media Studies; Television Heritage; User Studies; Digital Methods

Jasmijn Van Gorp is assistant professor Television Studies and Digital Culture at the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. She is member of the Core Team of WP5 and the project leader of Project 2 within WP5, leading the development of AVResearcherXL, CoMeRDa and TROVe.

Her expertises are research methods, user studies, and user-centred tool development. At Utrecht University, she teaches the CLARIAH-related courses Television History Online (BA Television and Media Culture) and Data-driven Research and Digital Tools for Media, Art and Performance Studies (RMA Media and Performance Studies).

She is also member of the national Research School for Media Studies (RMeS), training PhD-students and RMA-students on digital tool and source criticism. Van Gorp has been Visiting Scholar at the Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT and is member of the Advisory Board of Clipnote, a project of the Center for Digital Humanities at UCLA.