Debate Research Across Media

Cross media research of public debates on drugs and regulation


In this research pilot, historians will test and extend CLARIAH’s recipe AVResearcherXL.
We will study the role of historical public debates on drugs and regulation (1945-1990) in newspapers, on radio and television. These debates are shifting in time and often fragmented since drugs (e.g. heroin, amphetamines and cannabis) move between medical, criminal and recreational spheres.

We study the historically dynamic relation between governmental drug regulation and public discourse. To do that, we aim to enable our research strategy, which is to trace and understand public debates by alternating between distant reading and close reading, across textual and AV-datasets.

AVResearcherXL is primarily developed as a distant reading tool with a focus on media representation research. By enriching the AVResearcherXL recipe with additional CLARIAH components we will make it suitable for alternating cross-media forms of distant and close reading. This will significantly improve the employability of AVRearcherXL for humanities researchers.