Human capital, immigration and the early modern Dutch economy

job mobility of native and immigrant workers in the maritime labour market, c.1700-1800


In this pilot we will be using CLARIAH components from WP2 and WP4 to link and systematically analyse a variety of historical datasets allowing us to reconstruct the careers of migrant and native workers active in the eighteenth century Dutch maritime labour market.
Focusing on this historical case study, we will investigate a current policy issue: the economic contribution of migrant workers on a recipient economy.

Our approach to uncover the link between migration and economic development centres on two aspects of what is referred to as job mobility: promotion and job switching.
By identifying those individuals that during their career experienced promotion and/or job switching we seek to lay bare the extent to which human capital levels of migrants and native workers differed, and what opportunities for social advancement were available in the eighteenth century Dutch labour market.