Remediation in Sports News


This project studies how sports journalism in newspapers has changed in response to the rise of television between 1959 and 1989. By means of AVResearcherXL it explores how remediation between these two media can be operationalized, empirically investigated over time and visualized. It will thus:

  • contribute to our understanding of processes of remediation between television and print journalism, which are often hypothesized or taken for granted, but rarely studied empirically;
  • test the functionalities of AVResearcherXL to systematically compare the development of newspaper and television content;
  • develop new functionalities for AVResearcherXL that will allow for better search and visualization, and will enhance the feasibility of a systematic comparative analysis of newspapers and television coverage.

Starting from a focused topic and limited dataset, this project provides novel insights in processes of remediation, also beyond sports journalism, which have hardly been studied yet because datasets were not digitized and linked.